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AzCATI offers tours of the facility year-round. We encourage those who are interested in learning from or partnering with this research center to contact us to request additional information and a tour in the Valley of the Sun.

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Milton Sommerfeld, co-director

John McGowen, director of operations, portfolio manager

Thomas Dempster, laboratory manager, recharge center manager, research associate professor

Pete Lammers, research faculty

Shuguang Deng, research faculty

Hank Gerken, senior research scientist

Pierre Wensel, senior research engineer

Sarah Arrowsmith, biochemical analysis technician

Maria Bautista, production and analytical technician

Terri Rosov, cultivation and production technician

David Cardello, cultivation and production technician

Mary Cuevas, cultivation and analytical technician

Sarah Kempkes, biochemical analysis technician

Nick Csakan, assistant research technician

Emil Puruhito, research technician

Mark Seger, postdoctoral research associate

Everett Eustance, graduate research assistant

Shahrzad Badvipour, graduate research assistant

Jamie Rock, administrative assistant

Shaylin McGhee, project and communications assistant

Mykal Ybarra, student worker


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AzCATI · Arizona State University
7418 East Innovation Way South, ISTB-3 Room 103
Mesa, Arizona 85212
(480) 727-1410