Services and Capabilities

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AzCATI offers a wide array of services. We provide open test and evaluation facilities for the algae industry and research community that are capable of assessing the performance of individual and combined unit operations across the algal value chain. These capabilities allow for objective, pre-deployment testing of technology looking to enter the market.


Strain Identification, Isolation & Documentation Equipment Testing & Validation Analytical Testing Biomass Production & Supply

Education & Training

Strain Identification, Isolation & Documentation

AzCATI services include the identification and enumeration of microalgae in water and soil samples. Sample enumeration may be qualitative based upon relative species abundance or quantitative based on the number of cells per unit volume. AzCATI’s microscopic capabilities include brightfield compound, differential interference contrast, phase contrast, fluorescent, confocal, transmission electron and scanning electron microscopy. Photomicroscopy is available to photodocument (image) microalgae with all microscopy methods listed above. In addition, microalgae isolation services are available at AzCATI. AzCATI will isolate specific strains in mixed or contaminated cultures and provide the customer with a unialgal culture.

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Equipment Testing & Validation

The AzCATI laboratories and testbed facilities have been designed to accommodate customer needs across the algae value chain. Plug-n-play capabilities, including plumbing and electrical infrastructure, currently exist for the placement of analytical, harvesting, dewatering, and product extraction equipment. The testbed is also equipped to test customer photobioreactors of all designs in a laboratory clean room setting, Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) greenhouse cells or on the four-acre outdoor field site. AzCATI researchers and research technicians are on-site to conduct routine equipment validation or to work in concert with customers to improve equipment design and performance.

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Analytical Testing

AzCATI offers a wide variety of analytical services to measure microalgae growth, biochemical composition, and water (culture media) quality characteristics.

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Biomass Production & Supply

The AzCATI laboratories and testbed facilities offer biomass production and supply services to academic and industry customers. AzCATI will place the customer's strain(s) in production or supply microalgae strains based on the specific needs of the customer. Our production strains include marine, freshwater, and brackish water microalgae that grow well in synthetic, wastewater, and flue gas CO2 enriched culture media. Biomass may be supplied in a high protein, high carbohydrate, or high lipid state based on routine analytical monitoring and harvest time. In addition, AzCATI can provide microalgae biomass based on the customer’s product of interest (e.g., neutral lipids, polar lipids, Omega-3 fatty acids, pigments). AzCATI’s current production capacity is approximately 300,000 liters. Biomass production may be achieved in flat-panel vertical PBRs, column PBRs, open raceway ponds and the ARID Raceway. AzCATI’s BSL2 greenhouse cells provide a setting for mid-scale biomass production of genetically modified organisms.

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Education & Training

AzCATI offers a full suite of education and training courses, ranging from basic algae taxonomy and physiology to in-depth, hands-on training using advanced analytical techniques. Our state-of-the-art research laboratories and testbed field site provide the setting for training opportunities with all activities across the algae value chain, including strain collection, isolation, culturing, selection and development, biomass (feedstock) production, harvesting, dewatering, and product extraction. Analytical training and education opportunities are available for methods ranging from routine daily water quality and biomass monitoring to advanced biochemical characterization of algae biomass (lipids, protein, carbohydrates, pigments, amino acids, sugars, etc.). A number of education and training workshops are currently offered through the ATP3 project. AzCATI also offers individualized training courses tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, academic units, and industry customers.

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Examples of AzCATI's capabilities are provided below, including downstream processing, production equipment, feedback logistics, and cultivation capacity. 

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Downstream Processing Feedback Logistics

Dissolved air flotation
Membrane Filtration
Freeze drying
Solar drying

Harvesting, dewatering, and drying assessment

Conventional solvent extraction
Hydrothermal-based pre-treatment and extraction
Products fractionation and separation
Product recovery
Pre-treatment, extraction, and conversions

Biomass Production Capacity

Cultivation Path Quantity and Volume per Unit Total Capacity (Liters) Total Capacity (Gallons)
Indoor Seed Production 100 units @ 15 L/unit 1500 396
PBR - Flat Panel (Greenhouse) 6 units @ 110 L/unit 660 174
PBR - Flat Panel (Greenhouse) 8 units @ 230 L/unit 1840 486
PBR - Column Type (Outdoor) 32 units @ 40 L/unit 1280 338
PBR - Flat Panel (Outdoor) 100 units @ 55 L/unit 5500 1453
PBR - Flat Panel (Outdoor - Production Array) 4 units @ 1380 L/unit 5520 1458
PBR - Flat Panel (Outdoor - Production Array) 8 units @ 660 L/unit 5280 1395
Raceway (Outdoor) 22 @ 1500 L/unit 33000 8719
Raceway (Outdoor) 5 @ 7500 L/unit 37500 9908
Raceway (Outdoor) 2 @ 17800 L/unit 52500 13871
Raceway (Outdoor) 1 @ 125000 L/unit 125000 33025
ARID Raceway (Outdoor) 1 @ 30000 L/unit 30000 7926